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Nadia Ali is a Libya born, New York raised singer songwriter who first got her start in music back in 2001 as the lead singer for the band iiO. As the frontwoman for the band iiO, this Pakistani artist achieved nominal success with the singles "Is It Love?" and "Rapture", before embarking on a solo career in 2005. Nadia Ali's debut album, Embers, was released in 2009 to both critical and fan acclaim for her truly individualistic songwriting abilities and soon after the release of the album's first single "Love Story", this talented musician had a number one hit. Along with Embers, Nadia Ali has released one other album, 2012's Phoenix, and through the musical mastery of these 2 albums she has won 2 International Dance Music Awards. When not writing and recording music, Nadia Ali can often be seen in concert while on tour, and she has also been a performer on the festival circuit. Nadia Ali's music combines elements of acoustic electronica mixed with Middle Eastern melodies that blend into a truly unique sound. If you'd like to experience this unique sound, here is the music video for the song "Is It Love".