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Mushroomhead is an alternative metal band which come across as one of the most adventurous bands in its genre. Their uniquity is represented through its music as well as throught its image. This Cleveland-born band is known for its on-stage eccentricity, where its band members wear black masks. Their image reflects what is expected from their music; a forceful and prodominent alterna-metal with eclectic blends of hip hop, punk, goth punk, industrial and techno. Intererstingly enough, Mushroomhead was only meant to be a side project, before becoming a worldwide reference of alternative metal. The band was founded in 1993, by drummer Skinny. They´ve been waering black masks in their performances from the start, to avoid recognition. Only one member differs from wearing the mask, and wears clown makeup instead. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1995, followed by Superbuick in 1996 and M3 in 1999. In 2000 they signed with Eclipse and released their album XX in 2001. The re-release of this album on Universal Records led the band to major international tours. The band has suffered many changes throughtout, and is currently made up of two vocals; Jeffrey Hatrix and Waylon Reavis, guitar Dave Felton aka Gravy, bass Jack Kilcoyne aka Big Penis, keyboard Tom Schmitz aka Schmotz, electronics Rick Thomas aka ST1TCH, drums and percussion Steve Felton aka Skinny and electronic drums Daniel Fox aka Lil´Dan.