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:For the unit of frequency, see megahertz. Megaherz (eng "Mega-heart", a pun on the homophone megahertz) is a German Neue Deutsche Härte group. The band was formed in 1993 in southern Germany. One of the most famous songs of the band is Gott sein ("To be God") on first full album Wer Bist Du? ("Who Are You?"). Megaherz has gone through many changes in musical style from the founding to today. Their early works are a sort of dark alternative metal, comparable to American 90's bands such as Faith No More, whereas recent works are comparable to bands such as OOMPH! and Rammstein. After Noel Pix joined the band as the keyboarder, their music started to show more of an industrial influence. The band's first example of this step towards industrial metal would be their third album, Kopfschuss ("Headshot"). In October 2002, vocalist Alexx Wesselsky announced that he would be leaving the band because of creative differences, but he would finish the current tour. He officially left the band on January 1, 2003. He has since formed the group Eisbrecher with another departed member, Noel Pix. In April of the same year, the remaining members announced they had found a new singer: Matthias "Jablonski" Elsholz of Twelve after Elf, who was already familiar to fans after his vocals briefly featured on the track Falsche Götter ("False Gods") from the album Himmelfahrt. In August 2003, it was again announced that Megaherz was looking for another vocalist, and by June 2004, a new album was under way. Not long after that a new song was released with a small Macromedia Flash animation, thus substantiating the rumours of a new singer. This song was later revealed to be "Zeig' mir dein Gesicht" (Show me your face), from the album 5, which was released on 6 December 2004, and re-released in the USA by Eclipse Records on 21 February 2006. On September 23 2005, it was announced that the rest of the tours for the year would be cancelled, as Matthias had left in a "total surprise" to the band. The reason was not given on the Megaherz homepage, but in the Eisbrecher forums Matthias announced he and his wife were expecting twins, and he wished to devote more time to his soon-to-be family. On April 18 2007, it was confirmed on Megaherz's official website that the band has found a new singer and is currently working on their sixth record. It was also stated that the band will tour while recording their new album. By August 18 the new line-up has been finally announced and the website of the band relaunched. Lex Wohnhaas (from the band Seelenbrand) is the new singer. The position of drummer was taken by Jürgen "Bam Bam" from the band Bonfire, replacing Frank Gegerle. Lex had previously sung with Megaherz during a concert in Moscow just after Matthias had left. The band has published demo versions of the songs "Ebenbild" and "Fauler Zauber" on the official website, officially announched the release of the new album "Heuchler", which was released July 2008. After it's release new album reached position #31 in German Album Charts, the highest chart entry of any Megaherz release to date.