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Comprised of members Jesse Miller, Luke Miller, Chuck Morris, Mike Greenfield, and Mike Rempel, electronic jam band Lotus have been creating music since their 1999 formation at Goshen College in Indiana. Heavily influenced by fellow electronic musicians The Orb and Aphex Twin, Lotus' songs combines jam band and electronic music to create a type of music band members call "jamtronic". Lotus released their debut studio album Vibes in 2002, and since then they have released eight more studio albums including 2006's The Strength of Weak Ties and 2008's Hammerstrike. While Lotus may have released quite a library of music, they are a band that is best experienced live. Like most jam bands, Lotus comes alive while on the stage and their light show combined with spacey music has made them a band that fans want to see in concert as much as possible. Lotus has an improvisational style that has earned them a comparison to legendary jam bands like Phish and The Grateful Dead only Lotus' improvisational style is based more in the world of electronic music.