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Information of Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake is a ska punk band made up of Chris DeMakes, Vinnie Fiorello, Roger Manganelli, Buddy Schaub, and Jr Wasilewski that hales from Gainesville, Florida that broke out onto the college scene in 1992. Their debut album, Pezcore, dropped in 1995. It was called 'Pezcore' because Roger and Vinnie have a love for Pez. The band's fifth studio album was their most commercially successful. It was called Anthem and was produced in 2003. In 2008 the band created its own label. The called it Sleep it Off Records. The band took their name from a dog that Vinnie had growing it. It was said that the dog was treated better than the rest of his family (so everyone else was 'less than Jake'). The band's name also references the phrase "Everything is Jake." This is an old school phrase which means "Everything is cool." In 1993, they added Jessica Mills, a horn player. They also released their first 7" record in 1993. The albums title was Smoke Spot. According to the band, the group had to hand press all 300 records on their own.