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Juno was an American indie rock band formed in Seattle in 1995. Juno released their debut album This Is the Way It Goes and Goes and Goes on DeSoto Records on March 30 1999. Their second album A Future Lived in Past Tense was released May 8 2001. The band was critically acclaimed by various local and national music journals and has toured throughout the US, Europe and Japan. The band also released a split EP with The Dismemberment Plan which included a cover of DJ Shadow's "High Noon".

The band is now officially defunct. They had played with and auditioned a few different bassists (including Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters and Nick Harmer of Death Cab for Cutie), but ultimately decided that they were going in different directions artistically. According to a post made to the Juno web site by lead singer Arlie Carstens the break up was amicable. Currently some of the former members are working on Ghost Wars, a recording project led by Carstens and Eric Fisher.

Juno reunited to play two shows in Seattle on December 9 and 10 2006 for KEXP's annual Yule Benefit.