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Joe Satriani has had a long career as an instrumental rock guitarist and composer, but is more influencial behind the scenes than most performer ever are on the state. He is the force that was a guitar instructor for such legends as Steve Vai, Kirk Hammett, Larry LaLonde and Rick Hunolt to name only a few. He is also a Grammy winner and his album 'Surfing with the Alien' is a classic album and has a cult following in many different musical genres. Joe Satriani is the musicians musician without a title, but he is know as a legend in the ranks of the guitar world. He as worked with many contenporary guitarists at his G3 festival and concert tour over the years. G3 has allowed him to stage concert tours with guitar greats like Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Robert Fripp and John Petrucci. He also is a music fan of many styles, years ago when interviewed by Guitar Player magazine he was asked who his favorite guitarist was at the time. His answer to the surprise of many was the Edge of U2. Joe Satriani is always an open mind and an artist with an eye towards the future evolution of musical styles. No other guitar virtuoso is as accomplished nor as directly influential on the musicians of his generation as Joe Satriani. Included below is a live version of his radio hit 'Summer Song', a music video recorded on his 2011 tour in Mexico. YouTube related video URL :