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Information of Joan Manuel Serrat

Although Joan Manuel Serrat is not an extremely well name amongst American music lovers, he is a well known and loved singer and songwriter amongst people who speak Catalan and Spanish. He got his musical start off on the wrong foot when he entered the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968. Joan Manuel Serrat wanted to sing the song in his native Catalan, but the Spanish authorities demanded he sing it in Spanish and when he refused, he suffered the wrath of his music being banned from the streets of Spain. When Joan Manuel Serrat finally left Spain, he ended South America to begin his rise to popularity in the Catalan and Spanish music world. Over the years, he has had issues in places like Mexico for his unwillingness to change his style of singing, and by sticking by his beliefs he eventually won awards and medals for his no nonsense style. Despite any obstacles he may have had to work around, Joan Manuel Serrat released 35 albums between the years 1967 - 2012, and he still plays on tour to sold out concerts in the many places who love his music. If you have never heard the sounds of the Catalan and Spanish singer songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat, here is your chance with the music video for his song "Mediterraneo"