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Joan Baez is arguably one of the mot influential folk musicians of the 1960s. Born January 9, 1941, Baez has been creating music with a message for over 50 years now. Along with creating music, Baez is heavily involved in social, environmental and political activism which begin during the Vietnam war when she became well known for her powerful lyrics against the so called social norms and world problems seen in America during those turbulent years. Throughout her 50 year career, Baez has created an enormous collection of music that is full of deep and profound lyrics about all the injustices in the world. In total, Baez has created an enormous collection of music that can be found on albums like 1965's "Farewell, Angelina" and 1970s "One Day at a Time", and her music is just as relevant today as it was so many years ago. With a prolific musical career that focus on truly meaningful and poetic lyrics, Joan Baez has become one of the most loved and respected folk musicians of all time.