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Information of Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck, English rock guitarist, is one of UK´s leading artists. He has been considered one of the top and most influential lead guitarists of all time. Perhaps he is best known as having been lead guitarist for the band Yardbirds, a band that also once featured rock legends Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Beck left The Yardbirds and formed The Jeff Beck Group in 1967, starring Rod Stewart on lead vocals. Their debut album, Truth, is considered to be one of the major influences on the heavy metal genre. Jeff dissolved his band and released somwwhat mediocre album alongisde Bogert and Appice. Jeff Beck´s solo career commenced in 1974, and has been met with much critical acclaim and modest commercial success, with 2 hit albums. He has picked up a number of Grammies on the way, having been named Best Rock International Performance.