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James Bay, a Hertfordshire, UK singer, guitarist and songwriter, blends the perfect combination of voice and guitar accompaniment to a subtle blues sound with a hint of James Taylor's style. His "Hold Back the River" single amplifies the haunting tones in his voice with the simplicity of guitar riffs that further project his talents. "Hold Back the River" became a No. 1 hit nearly immediately after release. From the UK to the US - James Bay Tours It was inevitable that such a signature vocal and musical style would grab attention of those in the music industry. In live performances, his stage presence is confident, almost mystical as he carefully crafts each note he sings and plays. His performance in California was met with much enthusiasm. With James Bay's US tour still fresh in the minds of many recording studios, his career is wide open for a US recording contract. This is the natural path for many UK singers, musicians and bands. James Bay's music fits perfectly into today's young urban professionals' listening pleasures in the US and internationally. Chaos and The Calm James Bay's first album is Chaos and The Calm in which "Hold Back the River" is included. It was produced by Republic Records which is a division of the US Universal Music Group. For James Bay's future in the music industry, having UK/US record company connections is a big advantage. Such connections open doors to managed tours internationally, as well as bookings for major US performances.