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Information of Hatebreed

Formed in 1994 out of New Haven, Connecticut, Hatebreed is a band that creates a style of music known as metalcore. When they first started out, Hatebreed brought attention to their music by selling a demo to local music lovers around New Haven before reaching worldwide fans with the acclaimed Under The Knife EP in 1996. Under The Knife created quite a stir in the metalcore music community and soon they released their first full length album Satisfaction is the Death of Desire, an album that won the band even further praise amongst music critics and fans alike. Since the start of their career, Hatebreed has been on tour to play in concert with bands like Slayer, Napalm Death and Deftones, and they were the headlining band during 2007's Ozzfest. Through songs like "I Will Be Heard", "This Is Now", and "Destroy Everything", Hatebreed has gained a following of hard rock loving fans. If you've never hear their music, here is your chance with the music video for the song "Everyone Bleeds Now". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd972J6f4IY