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Information of Griz

Griz is a 21 year old DJ/producer from Detroit, MI who creates his own style of fresh and unique beats. Griz, whose real name is Grant Kwiecinski, may use a computer to create his songs, but he is also an accomplished saxophonist. Griz's music combines elements of funk, soul, glitch, and bounce to create a style of music that is beloved by club goers around the world. In 2011 Griz released his debut album Mad Liberation, which is an album that the DJ prides himself on being incredibly unique and innovative without the use of fancy and expensive equipment. Examples of Griz's innovative music creations can be heard on songs like "Too Young For Tragedy", "Live On Arrival" and "The Future Is Now". While Griz is a relative newcomer in the world of electronic music, he uses his vast imagination and extreme fascination with harmonious sounds to create songs that are certain to make him a household name in electronic music for many years to come.