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George Clinton is a legendary musician who has not only found great success as a solo artist, but he practically changed the world of music with his original blend of funk sounds as the creator and front man of the bands Parliament and Funkadelic. George Clinton is a truly creative and talented musician who is credited with being one of the leading innovators of funk music and almost 40 years later, his music is still an influence over many musicians of today. From Funkadelic and Parliament records like Maggot Brain and Mothership Connection, to solo records like Some of My Best Jokes Are Friends and Hey Man, Smell My Finger, George Clinton has exemplified what true funk music should sound like. Throughout his decades spanning career, George Clinton has played on tour many times, and the concert experience he has provided with both his solo career and as leader of Parliament and Funkadelic is something that is unlike any other concert experience. If you have never heard the funky sounds of George Clinton, or if you just want to once again experience a song by one of the masters of funk, here is the music video for the song "Atomic Dog".