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Gavin DeGraw is an American born musician, singer and songwriter that has been hitting the charts in the last decade. He is knows as being the anti-rockstar, because he does not conform to the traditional idea of the drug and party lifestyle that goes with being a rockstar in the media. He has been an unsung darling of the MTV generation since hitting the charts with the theme song from the teen television show One Tree Hill in 2003. He has since become known for his body of work, which includes songs like "Chariot", "Follow Through", "In Love with a Girl", and "Not Over You". He is not known for his huge concert tour or festival rock performances, although he is an pseudo crossover artists for Christian values. Although he is not technically Christian rock, he is a straight middle of the road popstar now and seems to be loving it. In 2011 Gavin DeGraw was attacked in New York CIty by a group of men and then was struck by a random taxicab minutes later. He had to cancel his concert tour performance in that city. It is probable that Gavin will begin touring again later next year, but as yet there are no publicly announced plans to do so. Gavin DeGraw is a musician that has a bright future ahead. The music video below is the hit song that really launched Gavin's career 'I Don't Want To Be' the theme song from the television show One Tree Hill. Music Video: