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Excision is a dub step DJ from Canada. His full name is Jeff Abel. In addition to being a sought after dub step DJ he is also a producer based out of British Columbia. Excision has been on the DJ circuit in Canada since 2004 and released his debut offering in 2007 entitled, No Escape. Excision has signed with labels, Rottun Recordings, EX7, and mau5trap. His debut album, which was self-released, sold out quickly and was shortly after repressed. Eccision's style of dub step has been characterized as aggressive, violent and hard. There are also influences of house, electronic, drum and bass and dance that make up his sound. In 2012 he created a dub step group called Destroid. His second album X-Rated was released in 2011 followed up with Remix album in 2012. In 2011 Excision toured extensively, including touring the United States with Downlink and Legacy. In almost a decade of music making and producing, Excision has led a powerfully creative career spanning two full length records and a remix album. He is currently working on his debut offering with dub step group Destroid. More touring and albums are in the pipeline for Excision including another remix album. What makes Excision stand out his is unique approach to the widely popular and imitated genre of dub step. He combines harsh sounds and tones making him one of the most sought after younger musicians in the genre. Expect more music coming from Excision in the years to come.