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Empire of the Sun, an Australian electronic rock duo, consists of members Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore. Both were in other bands prior to the formation of Empire of the Sun, but had worked together previously. Steele's A&R manager introduced the two in a bar in 2000, and they hit it off immediately. Both were signed at EMI at the time and began a strong partnership, collaborating on each other's projects. In 2008, the two finally joined forces for their own album, "Walking on a Dream," which went double platinum in Australia and gold in the United States. Their second album, "Ice on the Dune," was released in June of 2013 and has met with much praise.

Empire of the Sun is known for their eclectic mix of synthpop with rock sensibilities. However, they have also made a name for themselves with theatrical music videos and trailers that border on camp. They carry this theatricality to stage productions, ensuring that ticketholders have a unique and memorable experience and proving they are more than a studio band.

Comprised of members Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, Empire of the Sun is an electronic rock band that was originally formed in 2008 out of Sydney, Australia. Later that same year Empire of the Sun released their debut album Walking on a Dream, and from this album this Australian duo gained worldwide notoriety for being one of the best electronic bands to come out in some time. While their initial success was found in their homeland of Australia, they have become a band name that is known throughout the world. Since the 2000 release of their self titled debut album, Empire of the Sun released an album in 2013 titled Ice on the Dune. From these two albums a slew of chart topping singles have been released including "Walking on a Dream", "Alive", "Without You", "We Are the People", and "Without You", and they also have the distinct recognition of winning two Australian Performing Right Association (APRA) awards.