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Information of Dirty Heads

Southern California reggae rock band The Dirty Heads create sounds that blend a mix of reggae, hip hop and punk to form a flavor of music that it truly unique. Comprised of members Jared Watson aka "Dirty J", Matt Ochoa, David Foral, Jon Olazabal and Dustin Bushnell aka "Duddy B", The Dirty Heads have been infusing the world of music with their eclectic mix of sounds since the 2008 release of the album Any Port In A Storm. Heavily influenced by the band Sublime, The Dirty Heads have released 4 singles including "Stand Tall", "Lay Me Down" and "Spread Too Thin" and they know how to get the crowds dancing when they play in concert while on tour. The name The Dirty Heads was conceived after 2 members of the band stole a 12 pack of beer and while running with the stolen goods, they heard someone yell "come back you dirty heads!" This is the music video for the song "Spread Too Thin" by The Dirty Heads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3JyVmx3ftM