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He is not exactly Tom Cruise, but the persona of Com Truise, real name Seth Haley, is not meant to be. As a native of both New York and Princeton, New Jersey, Com Truise never lost his love for the 80's sound and style. An admitted synthesizer junkie, Truise likes to experiment with sound as often and frequently as he can, pulling from such eighties favorites as Joy Division, New Order, and the Cocteau Twins. Before his decade long career in music, and before he decided to pick his current celebrity inspired persona, Seth Haley made a living as an art director and bass DJ on the side. Once he found himself standing on his synthesizer supported leg, he began mixing with a vengeance. The first few persona names, Sarin Sunday and Airliner to name a few, clearly did not stick. The first Com Truise accredited release came on the Cyanide Sisters EP as a free download. He could range from slow-tuned out melodies to hardcore funk and into eclectic electronic in one LP go. In 2011, the first full length album for Com Truise, <i>Galactic Melt</i>, was released. In the meantime, Seth Haley remains in his New Jersey residence with just his synthesizer and his 80's train of thought, prepping for the next Com Truise project.