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A four-man band from Liverpool, Circa Waves combine pop beats with alt-rock instruments for a fresh, unique sound that harkens back to the days of early greats like The Libertines and The Strokes. Originally formed by 26-year-old singer Keiran Shuddall, Circa Waves began as an experimental group after one too many failed bands. Keiran spent years shuffling from gig to gig, never quite making it big, never really finding his place in the unrelentingly grim scene of contemporary rock. He found joy and hope in music, and none of the grungy garage bands he played with shared the same worldview. So he started making his own music. With rousing riffs, catchy choruses and lyrics designed to inspire, he quickly attracted attention in the indie scene. With the help of several demos, he was able to find other like-minded musicians: Drummer Sian Plummer, bassist Sam Rourke and guitarist Joe Falconer. Still mindful of the past, however, Circa Waves didn't immediately head to the studio. Instead, they went touring together, seeing how their sounds meshed and how well they collaborated as they lit up stages all across the UK. It wasn't long before label reps were pounding on their door. In late 2012, Circa Waves made themselves official, signing with Transgressive Records and releasing their first single "Get Away." As for their music, they remain dedicated to creating happy, upbeat tunes that bring a smile to the faces of fans and naysayers alike. Love them or hate them, Circa Waves is here to stay.