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For over 20 years, Canadian songstress Celion Dion has been using her strong and powerful voice to sell over 200 million albums worldwide making her one of the best selling artists in the world. With a musical sound that is heavily influenced by such genres of music as R&B, gospel and classical, Celine Dion is a true pop music powerhouse. Celine Dion first gained recognition for her soulful voice in 1982 by winning the award for the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. Her first album, "Unison" was released in 1990 and included her first Billboard Hot 100 single "Where Does My Heart Beat Now". In 1992 she went on to win the Academy Award for Best Song with "Beauty and the Beast" which was the title track to the Disney movie of the same name. Throughout the rest of the 90's, she had enormous commercial success that included the 1997 song, "My Heart Will Go On", which was the romantic theme song to the blockbuster Titanic movie. Since then, Celine Dion has stayed busy balancing a busy career with a marriage and family and to this day, she still performs in concert and will perform in the upcoming 2012 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival in Jamaica. If you've missed out on the musical sensation that is known as Celine Dion, here is a chance to experience her beautiful voice in the following music video of her top hit "My Heart Will Go On" from her "Taking Chances" tour. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZvq69WgxUY

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