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Based out of St. Louis, MO, Cavo is a post-grunge hard rock band comprised of members Casey Walker, Chris Hobbs, Brian Smith and Chad La Roy. Cavo released their first EP, A Space To Fill, in 2002 and while it did not receive much recognition, their second EP, 2008's Champagne, began their slow climb to music success with the help of heavy airplay of the title track Champagne. In total, Cavo has released 4 LPs and 3 studio albums including 2009's Bright Nights Dark Days, which have produced singles like "Unsung", "Crash" and "Cry Wolf". Since the start of their musical career, Cavo has played on tour for both solo concert appearances and as part of the festival circuit where their music has reached the ears of hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. If you want to experience the hard rocking, post-grunge sounds of Cavo, here is the music video for their song "Thick As Thieves".