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Cake is Sacramento, CA based band that was formed in 1991. Cake was compsed of five members. Before they released their first album in 1995, bassist, Shon Meckfessel left the band was replaced by Gabe Nelson. When their first album was released in 1995, only one song made the charts, "Rock and Roll Lifestyle." In 1996, they released their second album, Fashion Nugget. There were two songs that made the charts off of this, "The Distance" and a remake of the Gloria Gaynor song "I Will Survive." Ms. Gaynor said that this was not a favorite of hers because there was too much profanity. Fans did like the song and Fashion Nugget went gold. Cake went on tour and performed concerts overseas in Japan. They were to have a US tour, but it was cancelled due to lead singer, John McCrea was diagnosed with exhaustion. After he recovered, Cake went on to play the festival circuit. Cake went on to release four more albums producing such hits as "Never There" and "Short Skirt, Long Jacket". These four albums did very well on the Billboard modern rock charts. The music video for Short Skirt, Long Jacket is unique and funny. Even though there have been some band member changes, Cake still continues to rock. 2011 marks their twentieth anniversary and fans couldn't be happier. They recently finished touring in the US and Europe May 2011. They are taking a break from touring, but if there is a chance to see them in concert, they are definitely worth it. YouTube Video: