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BulletBoys are a hard rock band that was formed by vocalist Marq Torien, guitarist Mick Sweda, and bassist Lonnie Vincent in the late 1980s after they left King Kobra. It also featured new, young rock drummer Jimmy D'Anda.

The band?s first two albums (BulletBoys and Freakshow) were well received by critics and fans alike proven by the band selling over 1 million copies worldwide. Some critics compared the band to David Lee Roth-era Van Halen, as Torien's vocal and performances were similar to Diamond Dave. That argument was furthered by the fact that Ted Templeman produced both the Roth-era Van Halen albums and the BulletBoys. In addition, both bands were signed to Warner Bros. Records.

The BulletBoys split up in 1993. Singer Marq Torien and bassist Lonnie Vencent continued to use the BulletBoys name and recorded Acid Monkey, a heavily alternative inspired album that was a major departure from the band?s usual hard rock style.

All original members got together to record one album in 2000 titled Greatest Hits: Burning Cats And Amputees. Marq and Lonnie released a new album, Sophie in 2003 under the BulletBoys name. This album featured vocal performances from former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach.