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Blink-182 is a California punk rock band that's been around the music scene since 1992, and has taken the world by force with their pop sound and rock attitudes. They're no strangers to the festival scene, and videoclip features of their dominating sound float around all corners of the internet, with songs still playing on the radio. The trio - consisting of Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus - were originally signed to Cargo Records in 1994, but after the tour of their first album, "Cheshire Cat", they signed with MCA Records in 1996 before it became Geffen and went on to record several more albums with support concert tours before splitting off into solo acts and other exploratory bands in 2005. Blink-182 officially reunited in 2009, and put out a new single in July of 2011 but have yet to announce any supporting band tours as of yet.