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Brian Chippendale (born 1973) is a musician and artist based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Chippendale is best known as the drummer/vocalist for the bands Lightning Bolt (alongside bassist Brian Gibson) and Mindflayer (alongside Matt Brinkman). He also plays saxophone and drums in a solo project called Black Pus. Chippendale also illustrates his own comic book series, Ninja, and a number of other one-shot, limited-publication comics. As a result of playing drums in front of Lightning Bolt's amplification setup, which often exceeds 3000 watts, Chippendale has been reported to have suffered considerable hearing loss. Before its destruction, Chippendale was a member of Fort Thunder, part of an abandoned, pre-Civil War textile factory in Providence, Rhode Island known as a work-space for local, avant-garde artists. Chippendale grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and started drumming with his first band, the Pissants, in 1989.