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Ben Harper is a multi talented musician who not only writes and sings his own songs, but he can also play a variety of musical instruments including guitar, keyboard, piano, bass, and drums. Born in Claremont, California on October 28, 1969, Ben Harper is known worldwide for his musical talents. Harper blends sounds of reggae, soul, funk, blues, and good old rock and roll music into songs that have won him two Grammy Awards. Since the 1992 release of his LP Pleasure And Pain, Harper has released a total of 11 studio albums which have produced over 30 singles including "Diamonds On The Inside", "With My Own Two Hands", "Steal My Kisses", "Ground On Down", and "Gold To Me". Along with creating albums that have made the charts in a variety of different countries, Ben Harper is also well known for his activism and his on again, off again relationship with actress Laura Dern. If you have never heard the music of Ben Harper, here is your chance with the music video for his song "Diamonds On The Inside".