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Though Beissoul just started his musical career he is already one of the leading names in electro-pop scene in Lithuania. Beissoul (Eng. ‘bass soul’) is an often guest to various TV and radio shows performing live, yet his vocal delivery continues to be the core subject among music critics in the Baltic States. Unusual voice is just a part of his appeal. As a professional pantomime artist, Beissoul delivers impressive dance moves on stage (and manages not to miss a note while doing so!), he wears specifically for him designed clothes and headgear (‘It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring’), and makes sure his tracks are accompanied by suitably haunting videos. In other words, this is not your typical manufactured pop fare. As witnessed by clubbers of Lithuania's music lovers at the country's biggest festivals – it’s enough to spot his name on the line-up to be sure it will be a time of quality electronic grooves, fashion and impressive show. You will find Beissoul performing in churches and abandoned construction spaces - there are no limits for his extravaganza.