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Babyshambles are an English indie rock band formed by Pete Doherty in 2003 after he was banned from playing with The Libertines because of his drug problems. While originally conceived as a project to work on while on hiatus from The Libertines, Babyshambles became Doherty's main focus and in 2003 he released the band's first single, "Babyshambles." In 2004, with a lineup that included Doherty, Patrick Walden, Gemma Clark, and Drew McConnell, the band began a tour that was short-lived because of Doherty's constant intoxication. However, their single "Killamangiro," shot to the eighth spot on the UK singles chart. Gemma left the band to be replaced by Adam Ficek before they released their first album, Down in Albion. They were booked to support Oasis on tour, but that was canceled due to issues with Pete Doherty. This led to a tour of smaller venues throughout the UK. Shotter's Nation, Babyshamble's second album, was released in 2007. They also played their first arena tour that year and continued to tour bigger venues throughout Europe. In 2013 they released their next album, Sequel to the Prequel. They have also released a live album, Oh! What a Lovely Tour, and several EPs.