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Since 1981, the band Anthrax has been one of the leading innovators of the heavy/thrash/speed metal genre of music. Through the years, Anthrax has experienced many changes in band members, with only guitarist Scott Ian remaining with the band since its start. Along with Scott Ian, the current lineup of Anthrax is Frank Bello, Joey Belladonna, Rob Caggiano and Charlie Benante. Since its inception over 30 years ago, Anthrax has released 10 studio albums, 20 singles and has the distinct honor of being one of the first bands of its type to receive a major label recording contract. From their 1983 debut album, Fistful of Metal, to their recent 2011 release of Worship Music, Anthrax is a band that has continuously remained true to their thrash metal roots. Over the years Anthrax has played in concert thousands of times to hordes of adoring fans on various tours and the festival circuit, but the greatest fest they've played to date was in 2009 when they joined up for the first time ever with fellow "big 4" thrash metal bands Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer to play the European touring Sonisphere Festival. Anthrax has proven that they can still rock out even after 30 years of being a band when they embarked on a 2011 tour in promotion of their Worship Music album. The following is a live music video for the first single off this album and it's called "Fight Em Till You Can't".