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Brazilian artist Amon Tobin is widely know to be the most influential electronic musician. Not only is Tobin's influence felt in Brazil, but his influence transcends the world. Tobin first signed on with a record label in 1996. Since that time he has gone onto release 7 studio albums that include 1996's Adventures In Floam and 2002's Out From Out Where. Over the years, Tobin has played a variety of instruments which may contribute to the style and sound of his music. He claims his music is influenced from genres like blues and jazz, but he gives it his own electronic spin to make it sound completely new and different. Only when Amon Tobin comes to your town to play his live electronic music, can you truly understand what an electronic music genius he really is.
If you want music that will get you moving, here is the music video for "Esther's" by Amon Tobin.