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Alpha Wave Movement (established 1992) is the electronic music project of Gregory T. Kyryluk. Alpha Wave Movement's musical style can be considered Ambient, Trance, some New Age, some Space Rock, and the classic 1970s period German style electronic music otherwise known as Berlin school and the ambient aesthetics of Brian Eno, and Steve Roach. A Distant Signal has more New Age elements in it than most othere albums. Beyond Silence has more Space Rock elements. Alpha Wave Movement's music is all electronic-based, utilizing digital synthesizers and MIDI to create its sonic explorations. Aside from the music influences nature and natural landscapes are a continuous source of inspiration for compositions. Alpha Wave Movement has performed at the Ambient Ping Canada and at the Gathering Room USA. Alpha Wave Movement has released music on the Dutch label Groove Unlimited, Silent Records (USA), Waveform Records (USA), Spiralight (USA) and on the private label Harmonic Resonance Recordings. Alpha Wave Movement's other projects include Thought Guild, Open Canvas and Kyryluk's solo releases.