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Acumen Nation is an alternative metal/industrial rock band based in Chicago, Illinois.

Formed in the late 1980s as Acumen by Jason Novak and Ethan Novak , the band released several cassette demos before self-releasing the CD demo "Transmissions from Eville" in 1994. The two along with Greg Lopez put the record out themselves on the infamous Robot Records moniker. During shows for this period, the band added guitarist/engineer Jamie Duffy.

Although the glory days of the Industrial rock scene in Chicago had faded by this point, through constant touring and sheer hard work on a number of different projects the duo have since established themselves as favorites in the US underground scene. The Iron Lung Corp. was a band comprised of Acumen and The Clay People from Albany, NY. Their first record, '96s "Big Shiny Spears" featured covers of Nitzer Ebb's seminal dance hits 'Join in the Chant' and 'Murderous.'

In 1997, the band were forced to change their name due to a legal dispute with a Bluegrass band also called Acumen. The band split their project into two halves - the drum and bass influenced DJ? Acucrack, and the more traditional rock format of Acumen Nation. Tours for both projects followed. In 1998, Greg Lopez left the band to pursue other interests. He was replaced by Eric Alvarez, also known as the bar. The four recorded 2000's Strike 4. Eric exited the band before the record was released and was replaced by Eliot Engelman.

The close of 2001 saw the release of "Live Farewell 2001," which was to signify a hiatus for the band as the recording marked the final performance of Ethan Novak with the band, who left to form the band Cordy. He was replaced by Dan Brill who currently plays with the band.

Eliot Engelman left the band following the release of Anticore in 2006 and the following tour with Front Line Assembly in mid-2007. Ethan Novak returned to play live bass during the "PsychoTransHumanoid" tour of the west coast with Cyanotic, promoting the simultaneous release of Acumen Nation's Psycho the Rapist and DJ? Acucrack's Humanoids from the Deep and Cyanotic's Transhuman 2.0.