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Accept, originally called Band X, is a thrash speed metal band who first got their start in 1968 playing clubs around Germany. Throughout their over 40 year career, Accept has undergone a variety of changes in their lineup with the current one being comprised of members Peter Baltes, Wolf Hoffmann, Mark Tornillo, Herman Frank, and Stefan Schwarzmann. In 1979, Accept released their self titled debut album, but it wasn't until the 1983 release of the album Balls To The Wall that the band received mainstream music recognition for their blend of thrash metal sounds. In total, Accept has released 13 albums and has played in concert with bands like AC/DC during their 2010 tour and with Ozzy Osbourne, Stone Sour and Motorhead during the Japanese festival known as LOUDPARK. If you've never heard Accept's blend of thrash metal, speed metal sounds, here is your chance with the music video for their song "Balls To The Wall".