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Information of 2Cellos

2cellos is a cellist duo: Stjepan Hauser (Croatia) and Luka Šulik (Croatia-Slovenia). Its members shared classes at the Zagreb Academy of Music, to later study in Vienna. The 2cellos duo arose after a great success on YouTube of their Smooth Criminal version, which after going viral, got millions of visits. This led them to share scenarios and successes.

Since 2011 they have been working with the Sony Masterworks label, recording versions of all kinds of groups, such as Coldplay, Nirvana, Muse, U2 or Kings of Leon.

Their musical maturity combined with their growing fame has led them to participate in major television shows like Ellen DeGeneres, Monday Night Football, the world-famous Glee series, and were even invited to take part in Elton John's world tour. Their versions are already famous internationally, where they have acquired a large number of followers, and have managed to make the tickets fly at any concert or show in which they participate.

The 2cellos duo has 5 studio albums on the market to date. Throughout their entire discography until their last work, released in 2018 with the name Let There Be Cello, the duo wanted to show the public that musical barriers between styles as different as metal and classical music can be broken.

Despite the decisive presence of rock style on their tours, their origin and undeniable passion for classical music keep them coming back to it, never leaving it, and making their fans enjoy that diversity, bringing them closer classic rockers; and the most classic rock. His objective is to merge both genres, until he succeeds in destroying the barriers between styles, taking music to a further level, where labels prevail, and the sole purpose is to enjoy each note.