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The View - The Power Scottish Indie Rock Band
Scotland's contribution to the music world is a powerful Indie Rock Band, The View. To best describe The View, the first word that comes to mind is versatility. Versatility is an essential part of the View's success. Members Kyle Falconer, Steven Morrison, Kieran Webster and Pete Reilly perform punk, folk, Ska, pop and alternative in their broad music style.

The View - Digging In and Creating a Signature Sound
From its earliest days as a cover band, The View, persevered using their own iconic style to break into venues like The Doghouse until they made their debut on MTV in 2006. From this point, The View wrote their own lyrics and music and began whirlwind tours in the US and Japan to promote their work. In a rapid succession, The View produced their albums for sale to the public.

The View - Striking a Balance
Several of the members of The View are multi-talented musicians in their own right. For example, Kyle Falconer does vocals for the band. He's also a talented bass player, guitarist, pianist and drummer. Pete Reilly's unique lead guitar riffs, Kieran Webster's skillful bass and guitar, Steven Morrison, drummer and percussionist form a tight, signature sound audiences love. The View's flawless performances strike the perfect musical balance.