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Indie rock superstars The Strokes have been making music that is both critically acclaimed and adored by millions of fans since the release of their 2001 debut album "Is This It" which produced hits like "Last Night" and "Hard To Explain". The Strokes is comprised of members Julian Casablancas on vocals, Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond, Jr. on guitar, Fabrizio Moretti on drums and percussion and Nikolai Fraiture on bass that when combined together, create a punk, garage rock sound that is distinctive from all other bands in indie music today. After the major success of "Is This It", The Strokes followed up with the critically acclaimed if not as commercially successful 2002 release of "Room On Fire" before going on to release the popular 2005 album "First Impressions From Earth" which contained the hit song "Juicebox". After "First Impressions From Earth" came a much needed break for The Strokes until the year 2009 when they released their "Angels" album. Throughout their successful career, The Strokes have played in concert on tour in various venues around the world and rocked the crowds at festivals like Denmark's Roskilde Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. If you've never had the great pleasure of rocking out to The Strokes unique blend of wicked garage rock sounds, here is the music video for their single "Reptilia" off their 2002 album "Room On Fire".