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Information of The Knife

The Knife, has shared a rich history of music since 1999. They are a strong electronic music duo with Swedish roots. They originate from Stockholm, Sweden. Their music genre generally span; dark ambient, mininmal techno and trip hop. Although, they have several other musical abilities with other genres of music. What makes this group unique, is that they consist of siblings, Karin and Olof Dreijer. They bring a rich, quality to music unlike any other group. In deed, being siblings has put an element of creativity in making their music. However, it is a direct result of hard work and talent, as well. They even maintain their own record label, Rabid Records.

The Knife, first make breaking ground in 2003, with their debut album Deep Cuts. This gave them clear recognition across the world. A cover to their song "Heartbeats" in 2006, rearranged with guitars, gave them U.S. popularity and appeared in a Sony Commercial.

They refuse to attend award ceremonies, however, the received a Swedish Grammi for their single "Silent Shout." Consequently, millions of fans are glad to share music with The Knife, grammi appearances aren't important. Thus, their tour in 2006, was amongst a sold out crowd.

The Dreijer due has solidified a global presence with the release of 2013 album, Shaking the Habitual, which is being supported by a lengthy international tour.