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Spoon came onto the music scene untimely in 1993. Their Pixies sound paved the way for them to carve their own niche in indie rock. They are raw, rebellious, and created a respectable reputation. Their sound is the result of a continued collaboration between drummer Brian Eno and guitarist/vocalist Britt Daniel. Their partnership is a hallmark to an organic approach to record making.The albums that they have created together are works of subtlety and nuance , even made more amazing by their ability to get hipsters to dance with abandon. Spoon may be the first indie rock band in which headphones are required to listen to their music. Their sound is defined as a classic rock songwriting meets bold production choices with touches of an experimental style to arrangement. Even a simple pop song is approached as a trick. They infuse their pop and rock influences into dance, soul, and dub. Spoon learned how use the studio as an instrument to be manipulated in various combinations for creative means. Their 2010 album, Transference is described by frontman Daniel as "uglier" than their previous efforts. It definitely has replay value with its engaging single "The Mystery Zone".