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Information of Rudimental

Rudimental, a British electronic quartet, consists of Piers Agget, Amir Amor, DJ Locket, and Kesi Dryden. While they have only released one album, 2013's Home, their singles have topped the charts in their homeland.

Rudimental have made a name for themselves with their heavy bass and drum sound. This has caught the attention of The Game and Ed Sheeran, whom they have recorded with in their studio in Los Angeles. With Rudimental's first album, Home, going gold in the UK and spawning hit singles such as "Feel the Love" and "Hell Could Freeze," it's no wonder their stars began to rise. The third single from their album, "Waiting all Night," rose to the number one spot on the UK Singles Chart, but wasn't their first single to do so. That honor goes to their single, "Feel the Love," with John Newman as a guest vocalist.

Rudimental seeks to escape definition. They infuse soul into their electronic music, but bring a lot of music history and styling to their sound. They enjoy incorporating riffs from jazz, hip hop, and the blues into their recordings.