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Information of Prince

His eccentricities are only outlived by his vibrant stage persona and hit musical talents. As a solo artist, Prince has accumulated ten platinum albums to his name with more than one hundred million records sold worldwide. He has dominated at the Grammy Awards, owned the silver screen with films like "Purple Rain."

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Prince Rogers Nelson was gifted with a love and interest in music, further fueled by his unique vocal range and penchant for the flamboyant. His started first with small family bands until a demo recording, with the help of Chris Moon, made it to the ears of Warner Bros. executives. In 1993, during one of his many persona shifts, and without any announcement or reason, Prince changed his name to a now famous almost unpronounceable symbol, these days referred to as Love Symbol #2. Due to the incoherence of the symbol, most of the public came to regard him as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. He reverted back to Prince in 2000.

Even a name shift could not slow Prince down. He still performs live shows and tours despite rumors about the health of his hips, and remains recording in the studio for future tracks and records.