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The Pixies formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1986 as an alternative rock band, but their style has been described as indie rock, noise rock, and psychedelia. Their songs encompass a wide range of eccentric and bizarre topics, including extraterrestrials, sexual frustration, biblical violence, and incest. The Pixies are widely attributed with influencing the popularity of alternative rock during the 1990s.

The original band was comprised of members Joey Santiago, Black Francis, David Lovering, and Kim Deal. They chose the name after Santiago opened a dictionary to a random page; the definition of "mischievous little elves" appealed to the group. Their first shows were in Boston-area bars and their first released album was a demo known as "The Purple Tape." Eight of the songs from "The Purple Tape" were included in their debut studio album "Come On Pilgrim" released in 1988. This was followed in 1989 by their first full length album "Surfer Rosa" which they recorded in just two weeks. The Pixies were popular in Europe where they won "Album of the Year." American reaction was more temperate and the band eventually became Gold certified in the US in 2005.

The group released two more albums, Bossanova in 1990 and Trompe le Monde in 1991, before they broke up in 1993. Each member pursued solo projects during their 11 year hiatus. The group reunited in 200 with a reunion tour that grossed $14 million in ticket sales. Deal left the group in 2013 after releasing "Bagboy;" she was replaced by Kim Shattuck.