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Born on June 22, 1936 in Brownsville, Texas, Kris Kristofferson is a legendary country musician. Not only has he written some of the most popular songs of our time for himself and other artists, but he is also a film actor. From "Me And Bobby McGee", to "Help Me Make It Through The Night", Kris Kristofferson is one of the most well known and beloved country musicians of all time. Throughout his decade spanning career, Kristofferson has released 19 studio albums, 2 live albums, 4 compilation albums while releasing 30 singles, with only one of them becoming a number one hit. Along with creating legendary music, Kristofferson has also acted in almost 100 different movies which makes him a truly versatile performance artist. In 2004, Kristofferson received the distinction of being nominated into the Country Music Hall Of Fame, and his music is still loved by many people today. This is a live video for the Kris Kristofferson song "Sunday Morning Come Down".