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Information of Jovanotti

Jovanotti, born as Lorenzo Cherubini, is an Italian singer/songwriter rap artists who blends a mixture of genres that include hip hop, funk and world music into his own special blend of musical artistry. Jovanotti's first album, Jovanotti for President, was released in 1988 and since that time he has gone onto release eleven more albums that are mostly in Italian. Along with creating music, Jovanotti is also a political and social activist who has worked with organizations like Amnesty International and Make Poverty History and the lyrics in his songs are an example of a musician who uses his music to try and make an impact of positive change on the world. Jovanotti's aka Lorenzo Cherubini was born in Rome on 27 September 1966. His family is from Cortona, in the Province of Arezzo, Tuscany. On 6 September 2008 he married Francesca Valiani at Cortona, in the Church of Santa Maria Nuova. He has already since 1998 the daughter Teresa with her together. He dedicated the lullaby "per te" to Teresa, one of the successes of the album Capo Horn (1999). From the mix of hip hop, rap and disco of the early successes, however, Jovanotti departs gradually approaching to funk, world music and even classical arrangements and ska influences. Music corresponds to a change of the lyrics of his songs, which, over time, tend to touch issues increasingly philosophical, religious and political, more typical of the Italian cantautore tradition. In parallel increases also his social and political commitment. Some of his earlier work is also closer to keyboard-heavy 1980s pop. Most of his songs are sung in the Italian language; he also released a Spanish-language greatest hits album. His live album includes a short version of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight". Jovanotti appears on several international compilations, most notably Red Hot + Rhapsody, a 1998 tribute to George Gershwin, on which he performed "I Got Rhythm". One of his most famous songs was "L'Ombelico del Mondo". Jovanotti has also appeared in one Luciano Pavarotti's charity concert in 1996. His 2005 CD, Buon Sangue, includes influences from both rock and old school hip hop. It is one of his most innovative works to date. Edoardo Bennato collaborated on one track, while bass player Saturnino co-wrote two of the songs. In 2007, he was featured at the end of Negramaro's song, "Cade la Pioggia", of their CD, La Finestra, and in 2008 he has released the new album Safari. In 2008, he performs as guest artist on the track "Lugar Comun" on Encanto (Sergio Mendes album).