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Editors formed in 2002 in Birmingham. They are an alternative rock band comprised of Tom Smith, Ed Lay, Justin Lockey, Russell Leetch, and Elliot Williams. They have released four albums, two of which have gone platinum. While known for their darker sound, the band has experimented with blending musical styles. They also stand out because of their ambiguous lyrics, leaving interpretation up to the listener.

In 2002 the band formed under the name Pilot. They soon realized the name was already in use, so became The Pride and released their music online. They began to garner positive reviews, but lost a band member and thus renamed themselves Snowfield. They played numerous gigs and developed enough of a following to get the attention of numerous A&R executives. They were eventually signed to Kitchenware Records in 2004 and changed their name once more to its final incarnation of Editors.

In 2005 Editors signed a distribution deal with Sony BMG. A reissue of the single, "Munich," became their first top ten single. More singles followed, along with their first studio album, The Back Room. They toured festivals in support of that album and then began working on their next album, An End Has a Start, which was released in 2007. The band began to experiment with a more raw sound and the album In This Light and on This Evening was released. It debuted at number one on the UK albums Chart. Their last album, The Weight of Your Love, dropped in 2013.