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In 1987 when Guy-Manuel de Homen-Christo met Thomas Bangalter at Lycee Camot, the school they both attended in Paris, little did they know that their friendship would lead them to the heights it has. After scouting others to form a guitar based band they met a drummer by the name of Laurent Brancowitz. In 1992 their band Darlin developed and began to cover The Beach Boys songs as well as their own original version. Darlin caught the eye of Sterolab which recorded them and asked them to tour and open for different stage shows in the UK but later Melody Maker wrote a review that was not in their favor and the band soon drifted apart. The article classified their concert music as “daft punk” which Christo and Bangalter found so humorous that the name stuck after Brancowitz left the group to pursue his options with Phoenix. The birth of Daft Punk came about when Bangalter and Christo had new ideas and wanted to experiment with drum machines and synthesizers for a new sound. In 1994 the song and first single The New Wave, was released and Da Funk followed in 1995. By 1997 their debut album Homework was released containing a mixture of house and techno with others to follow. Spike Jonze directed a music video as did Michel Gondry which helped them to the Top 10 in France and the UK and later in the US. The release of the film “Electoma” in 2006 at Cannes Film Festival gave them deserved recognition as well. http://youtu.be/mmi60Bd4jSs