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Coming from Tenerife (Canary Islands), Carlos Bruna, artistically known as Cruz Cafuné, is easily found nowadays in all the emerging urban, rap and trap music lists of the country. Born in 1993, Cruz Cafuné was clear from the beginning of his artistic career that he wanted to reclaim his land, the Canary Islands, through his music. Cruz Cafuné begins his steps in music as a member of the BNMP band (Broke Niños Making Pesos). Determined to start his career as a soloist, he released his debut album in 2018 with the name of Maracucho Bueno Muere Chiquito, already as a soloist and with collaborations on some of his songs. Since this album, in Cruz Cafuné's songs we find themes related to the Canary Islands, religion and current social issues. In 2019, Cruz Cafuné would launch the song "Contando Lunares" with Don Patricio, which would become the most listened to song of the year in Spain and would definitely launch the artist to fame. In 2020 he released his second album, "Moonlight922", with various collaborations with artists Sofi de la Torre, Flavio Rodríguez or Alba Reche. This latest collaboration with the former OT contestant, would quickly reach the country's charts, auguring a new success in the artist's future.