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In 2004, Canada's electronic music scene experienced a very interesting development centering around the formation of a new duo to be known as Chromeo. Based in Montreal, Chromeo is comprised of David Macklovitch, aka Dave 1 and Patrick Gemayal, aka P-Thugg.

This Arab/Jewish duo actually began as college friends who set sail on their musical journey at the suggestion of a record store musician who approached Dave 1 soliciting help with a project in the field electronic music. Since the debut of their initial album, “She's in Control,” Dave 1 has served as vocal lead and guitarist while P-Thugg mans the keyboard, talk box and synthesizer.

Dave 1 credits one song on that album, “Needy Girl,” as their catapult to notoriety. Chromeo's second album, “Fancy Footwork,” paved the way for their appearance at the Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2010.

In a 183 second time period in 2011, Chromeo created what is billed as the smallest album ever recorded in the world. Christened, “Drive Time,” this album consisted of 55 songs.

In addition to appearing on the cover of “Future Magazine,” Chromeo has reigned and remained a popular musical group with appearances on American television's “Late Show”hosted by Conan O'Brian in 2008, by David Letterman in 2010 and with Jimmy Fallon in 2011, as well as regulary touring.

Chromeo's unique musical style was incorporated into video games beginning with “Space Colony” in 2003. In addition to his musical endeavors, David Macklovitch is currently employed as a Professor of French Literature at New York City's Barnard College.