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Band of Horses, once known as Horses, is a Seattle rock band formed in 2004. The group was founded by Ben Birdwell and with a core of members consisting of Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey, Bill Reynolds, and Creighton Barrett. Their music is usually classified under the rock bracket with leanings towards folk, americana, and singer-songwriter. Over the years, Band of Horses has undergone a few different line-up changes with Ben Birdwell being the only consistent member from the outset. In September, 2012 Band of Horses released their fourth full length studio album and have made plans to tour internationally in support of their latest output, Mirage Rock.

The four albums of Band of Horses depict subtle yet distinctive characteristics in the evolution of their music. Their four studio LP's are Everything All The Time (2006), Cease To Begin (2007), Infinite Arms (2010), and Mirage Rock (2012). The band released their first two albums on Sub Pop and their last two on Columbia with additional distribution through Fat Possum on their third album, Infinite Arms. The group has commanded a large following both in the United States and overseas in Europe, Asia and United Kingdom.

The sound of Band of Horses has also been compared to the genres of southern rock, indie, alternative folk and alt country. Blending influences from Neil Young to Willie Nelson, the group has continued to shift their sound and evolve in an era where many bands pigeon-hole themselves into one genre or taste.