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Azealia Banks, sometimes credited as Miss Bank$, is an American hip-hop artist and rapper. She always knew she wanted to be in music and performed off Broadway in Lower Manhattan as a child. She then studied at the LaGuardia School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan before dropping out to work on her music career full-time. As Miss Bank$, Azealia released her first recording, "Gimme a Break," on the Internet in 2008. It was through this recording, and her single "Seventeen," that she got the attention of XL Recordings who she later signed with. While she worked on an album with XL, she cut her ties with them before a year was over. After leaving XL Recordings, she also left behind her moniker, Miss Bank$, but then picked up alter ego "Yung Rapunxel." She continued to release singles online via YouTube. In 2011 she released her single, "212," on her website and it became a hit in Europe. While still unsigned, she began working with British Producer Paul Epworth on her first solo album, Broke With Expensive Taste. She is notable for her extreme use of profanity and reclamation of words used to insult women, as well as a blazing fast rapping speed.